5 Qualities to Look for in Excellent Thermal Oxidizer Manufacturers

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Thermal oxidizers are complex, technical products that many companies depend on to keep their businesses running and in compliance with environmental regulations. But what qualities should you be looking for when selecting an excellent thermal oxidizer manufacturer? Here are some factors to consider:

1 – Industry Specific Knowledge

Thermal oxidizers are a mainstay in many different industries. This includes energy production, oil and natural gas production, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many types of industrial manufacturing just to name a few.

Each industry has its own set of unique challenges and guidelines and standards that need to be followed. An excellent thermal oxidizer manufacturer should have in-depth knowledge of, and practical hands-on experience working on projects within your industry.

2 – Dedicated Engineering Staff

Engineering is the most important component of a solid thermal oxidizer manufacturer. Without excellent chemical and mechanical engineers leading the development on your project, the likelihood of success is greatly reduced. The engineering staff should be involved in every part of the thermal oxidizer manufacturing process, from requirements gathering before the sales through support and service after the sale, having dedicated engineers familiar with your project is essential for its success.

Engineers for thermal oxidizer manufacturers

3 – Maintenance and Support

Getting a thermal oxidizer constructed, installed, up and running is only a small part of the process. Once a thermal oxidizer is active, problems with the process or the hardware will be uncovered. And adjustments, such as replacing parts, re-piping or re-wiring, or modifying a process to improve heat transfer effectiveness or fuel consumption rates will be necessary to make sure that the thermal oxidizer setup is working well.

Having the ability to work on-site to test, troubleshoot and resolve problems is essential in an excellent thermal oxidizer manufacturer. The manufacturer should also be able to train your staff in the proper and safe use of the equipment as well as be available to answer any questions you might have about the installation.

4 – Experience with Different Types of Thermal Oxidizers

There are several different types of thermal oxidizers that can be employed based on a client’s specific needs. Selecting a regenerative thermal oxidizer, a recuperative thermal oxidizer or a catalytic oxidizer is an important decision and a good thermal oxidizer manufacturer should have a lot of experience with each approach to thermal oxidation.

5 – Ability to Customize Solutions

In thermal oxidizer manufacturing, there are no “out of the box” solutions. Every installation will have a unique set of challenges, requirements and environmental factors to consider. So, your thermal oxidizer manufacturer must be able to identify and address these issues quickly and translate them into requirements for your installation.

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