Epcon Featured Project in Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine

Image 4 - Epcon Featured Project in Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine

Aluminum Parts Drying Oven

Dry-off or drying ovens are a critical final step in many production processes with temperatures that can range from just above ambient up to 1000°F. Utilized across a wide range of applications, these ovens are not only useful for simple dry-off requirements for parts production, but also used for more complex moisture reduction and sterilization processes with stringent temperature and uniformity ranges.


Recently, Epcon designed a drying oven as part of a larger metal finishing system for a new facility for an Aluminum parts producer. Located at the exit end of the Washline, the oven dries the parts so they are ready for the final painting and curing stages.


By utilizing advanced airflow management and comprehensive heat recovery methods, Epcon’s engineers were able to maximize the overall operating thermal efficiency. Integrating the drying ovens into the comprehensive system design allows for thermal recycling and greatly reduces fuel consumption.


Epcon’s Aluminum Parts Drying Oven can be seen on page 12 in the Technology Review.

February 2024 (zmags.com)

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