Conveyorized Oven Featured in Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine

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Conveyorized Oven for Continuous Web Processing Applications Featuring 5 Levels and 15 Zones

A Web processing operation needed a more efficient system for creating welding wire and rubberized elastic material, in a continuous web-form. Epcon designed and built a unique Conveyorized Oven for this web-processing operation, with adjustable speeds for various parts of the conveyor belt. The complex oven was equipped with 15 zones, across 5 levels and features sophisticated airflow dynamics between the 5 levels with 15 burners strategically placed in individualized heating chambers. The Oven also supplies indirect heat for the curing process at a later stage in production. The compact design and thermal recycling of the system allowed for a more efficient operation, saving on fuel consumption, while also allowing for increased throughput production of continuous web formations. Over the years, Epcon has designed and built several multi-level Ovens, for various applications, which are successfully operating around the world.


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